Accepting this frees you from the narcissist – H.G. Tudor

“The fact that this person abused me means that whatever I was shown that was supposed to be lovely, enchanting, friendly, kind, and loving wasn’t real, wasn’t genuine, didn’t exist. If this person was abusive, what came before wasn’t genuine.

The fact that I was abused by this person means they could not have loved me, they could not have cared for me, they were not kind to me, they didn’t actually like me. Whatever type of ensnarement (romantic, social, work, familial)… The fact that I was abused by this person means that whatever came before wasn’t genuine.” – H.G. Tudor

For those not aware of who H.G. Tudor is and his work/legacy:

“H.G. Tudor is the world-renown authority on narcissism, and the prolific author of more than 40 books and programs. Mr. Tudor writes from his own perspective as a narcissist psychopath and delivers extensive knowledge on every aspect of dealing with a narcissist. Through his insightful lens, you will learn the true mindset, behaviors and aims of the narcissist. Myths and false hopes will be extinguished and replaced with pure logic defenses. You will learn your role in each type of relationship with a narcissist and find detailed information on how you can best prepare to deal with and escape from narcissistic abuse. Knowledge is power, and with each book you read, you will at last have the answers you seek and will become empowered with information you cannot obtain anywhere else.

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