Old memories
Old places
Old faces

New memories
New places
New faces

Tomorrow comes
Yesterday is gone
And though nothing
Remains –
Or even stays! –
The same…

It feels like the sun
Is standing right before my window
And life is being lived
To the fullest:
But neither new
Nor anew.

Comfortably Numb – Sons of Apollo

This song from Pink Floyd does not need an introduction. I remember watching this video for the very first time and thinking: “Yet another cover.” My bad.

Feel Pink Floyd in a whole new level, in a new dimension. I feel very emotional when I hear it. Good job, my favorite musicians of all time! Praise Pink Floyd for their creation!


When I think about our time
I end up thinking about an hourglass
With the sand following its course
Driven not by its will
But by gravity:
The most inexorble force

And I think of me as the sand
Going back and forth
Going around any obstacles
Against all odds
Circumventing will and wonts
As long as gravity keeps pulling me

But what if the hourglass breaks?
What if time fails us?
Will you be able to hold me still?

You won’t, my dear…
You won’t

As I am sand
I will have to follow my destiny
My fate right through your fingers:
Though I wanted to be in your hands

So, take care of our hourglass
Take care of our time
Take care of us
You’d better beware.