The real YOU!

What if one day you meet someone who considers your biggest quality an annoyance or even a burden? 

What if one day you meet someone who knows your weak spots and use them against you, triggering the worst version of you? 

What if one day you are left in silence, with no clues, blaming yourself for the unknown? 

What if one day your 99 hits are considered much less important than a single miss? 

What if you love this person unconditionally?  

But wait… 

What if one day you stand for yourself and recognize you are being treated poorly, humiliated, and that you want more from life? 

You want RESPECT. You must  teach people how to treat you. Teach them right. Take no shit that is  not yours back home. Remember who you are and who you are meant to be.  Remember that the others do not define you, and that you were created by God as a unique and limitless individual. Let God be your only judge. 

Time to unleash your full potential! Time to unleash the real YOU! You are a miracle and a blessing!